Follow Your Favorites, Even When Their Social Media Accounts Change.

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Never Lose Your Connection With Your Favorite People

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  • Follow Their KeepFollowing.Me Link

    Your favorite people will give you a link to use to connect with the KeepFollowing.Me apps on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  • That's It!

    Once you give permissions to our app, we store your ID (from Twitter/Instagram) and your Email address in our database. If the person you follow changes his/her account, we will automatically follow them from your account and notify you.

  • What Does It Cost?

    It's FREE for users. The person your following pays us to have their followers follow their new account.

Get Link From Influencer

Just follow the link to our app provided by the person you follow.

Click OK

Enable the app and we will store your Social Media ID (Twitter/Insta/etc) and your Email Address in our database

Keep Following

If the person you are following changes their account, we will notify you and automatically have you follow their new account so you won't miss a beat.

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What Does It Cost?

This is a FREE service for people who follow influencers. We charge the Influencers to migrate you over to their new accounts. To use the service, follow the links they send you. This is not something you can sign up for here. It comes from them.

Influencers: If you change your account, we charge you $100 for every 20,000 followers you want to move over from your old account to your new one.

Please note: Influencers on the following sites get this service ABSOLUTELY FREE:

  • JustFor.Fans
  • BelAmi.Fans
  • DragFor.Fans

Look in the dashboard of the above sites to get started.

We'll be accepting Influencers from other sites soon.